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All-on-4 dental implants are a state-of-the-art procedure where we can help you to replace all of your upper or lower teeth at one time using only four implants.

If you have decaying and non-restorable teeth that need to be removed, we can extract them and place your new dental implants — along with a fixed prosthesis — on the very same day.

The Fixed Restoration Design

Your All-on-4 restoration is like an extended dental bridge bonded on top of four implants, instead of a denture that you take in and out each day. As such, it takes up much less space in your mouth, making it easier to talk and eat with.

Conventional dentures cover the entire roof of your mouth, relying on suction to keep them place. Since an All-on-4 is permanently attached to four stabilizing dental implants, it follows the natural contour of the arch of your mouth, like a “U” shape. The implants are strategically placed within the bone to support the weight of multiple teeth (because implants are generally much stronger than a natural tooth, they are capable of such.) From there, an abutment is inserted into the top of the implant, extending just above he gum lines and providing a surface for the extended bridge to be attached. Once in place, only an implant dentist can remove it.

Our Phoenix All-on-4 patients can enjoy a brand new smile that is durable and comfortable, improving their overall quality of life. Sometimes we may need to use five or six implants for optimal stability, but the price of the treatment is still the same.

All on 4 Denture Implants Phoenix

5 Year Warranty Included

All of our Phoenix All-on-4 treatments come with a five year warranty, as long as you keep your regular maintenance and cleaning appointments every six months. While the All-on-4 restoration on top of implants can gradually wear out, the dental implants themselves are designed to last you for life. The key is to treat and care for them as if they were natural teeth.

 CT Scanning Assessment

Instead of taking two-dimensional X-rays, Dr. Behbahani uses a 3D CT scan to evaluate your bone health, anatomy, and density to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for implants. From here, we can digitally map out your placement for accurate and efficient results!

Seeing a dentist with access to 3D CT scanning allows for a higher quality of care and quicker recovery times. It can mean the difference between not being a candidate for dental implants to qualifying for a full-arch restorative treatment like All-on-4.

Some dentists use CT scanning to create digital guides where the implants are inserted based on the scan, but Dr. Behbahani prefers to install the implants himself without a form-fitting guide, as he has extensive experience in performing comprehensive implant cases right here in our office. Everything is completed in-house.

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